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Promotional material &
event identity

Modifyre 2020: Hive Society

1st - 6th July 2020

Modifyre is Queensland's smaller scale Burning Man event and operates according to principles of collaboration and equality. As such, I was commissioned to facilitate a workshop where participants could contribute to the identity development. I constructed the workshop as a collaging exercise where we explored insect identities using non-human personality profiles I created, adapted from the work of critical geographer Natalie Osborne, and worked toward individual visions of insect futures. These individual outcomes were photographed to be shared during the event and I collected all the cut out images at the end of the event. Using these collected images that participants had cut out I constructed a single oversized collage that incorporated elements of each participant's design. This final collage became the poster, banners, and website entry animation.

Modifyre Poster A3.jpg
Characters and Insect Images-4.jpg
Characters and Insect Images-1.jpg
Characters and Insect Images-3.jpg
Characters and Insect Images-2.jpg

Insect futures collage workshop

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