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Research Overview

I am a critical resource geographer with a deep interest in the physical processes and landscape interventions of extractive and heavy industries. My research focuses on resource and energy futures, emphasising nonhuman and nonliving agencies, volumetric geographies, and particulate and chemical knowability.


In my previous research at the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, and the University of Wollongong, I have regularly undertaken fieldwork in Australian mining and industrial regions including the Bowen and Galilee coal basins in Central Queensland, Leigh Creek coal mine in South Australia, and the heavy industry seaport Port Kembla in New South Wales.

Accessing the deep seabed commons

This project explores avenues for public and individual access to the deep seabed in international waters. The deep seabed is legally recognised as the ‘common heritage of [hu]mankind’, which in theory means everyone on earth has the potential to be recognised as a deep seabed stakeholder within the emergent deep sea mining regulatory framework. In practice, however, it is challenging to assert oneself as a deep seabed stakeholder because of the remoteness of the seabed and difficulty demonstrating direct or indirect interests or impacts of potential mining projects. This research explores how to become - and indeed whether it is possible to become - a deep seabed stakeholder through encounters with already extracted seabed materials. It further seeks out pathways and barriers for gaining access to the seabed commons. 


Legacy industrial chemicals & port revitalisation

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