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Exhibition catalogue design

Rebecca Ross, Dark Matter(s) exhibition at Metro Arts Hope Street

Brisbane, QLD, 24-26 July 2020 

Rebecca came to me with the idea of an exhibition catalogue that was also a paper aeroplane, inspired by her interest in secret (dark) matters like military technology and aircraft. Intrigued by this idea, I researched and found an intermediary paper plane design, the Nakamura Lock, which created a beautiful series of spatial divides across the A4 page that I used to guide the layout of the design. When folded the wings have one continuous image running across them (photos by Louis Lim), and the underside of the plane is full colour image. The text (exhibition essay by Lisa Bryan-Brown) and logos are hidden inside the plane, which must be unfolded by the visitor. They also fly very well! 

Video documentation by Rebecca Ross. 

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